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Amit Rokde

Startup funding

A Young entrepreneur with Big Ideas!

Amit Rokde is the face of new, aspiring, determined India. An India which believes in succeeding against all odds & obstacles. In a short span of time, he has made a success of which ever business he has put his mind to or invested in. As the founder & Chief Executive Officer of the rapidly-growing Huberton Group, he heads a group of companies in diverse areas like investing, trading, retail, foods and much more and these are all poised to grow into an empire. If new, successful India had a face, it is Amit Rokde & others like him powering India in their own way. 

He believes in actively engaging with portfolio companies, offering guidance, mentorship, and access to valuable resources. This approach is key to success of the startups within Huberton’s portfolio.His leadership helps Huberton Fintech stay ahead of the curve & embrace emerging technologies and trends, Huberton under his guidance continues to position itself as a leader in the fintech space.

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Director & CAO

Sachin Karkhile

Sachin Karkhile is a highly accomplished administrator with an M. Analytical Chemistry. He is a unique blend of scientific expertise, analytical thinking, and managerial prowess. He drives organizational efficiency towards Huberton Fintech’s growth in the highly dynamic fintech industry. He provides strategic leadership and direction to the administrative functions of Huberton Fintech. Towards this, he fosters a collaborative and inclusive organizational culture, enhancing communication.

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Director & CRO

Vishwajeet Ghumare

Mr. Vishwajeet Ghumare holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics. As the Chief Research Officer (CRO) at Huberton Fintech, he plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and developing cutting-edge solutions within the financial technology sector. Mr. Ghumare’s strong mathematical background and analytical thinking make him a valuable asset in designing and executing research strategies that propel Huberton Fintech to the forefront of the industry.

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So, are you an aspiring Startup funding entrepreneur seeking investment? An investor looking to join a community passionate about innovation? Huberton Fintech welcomes you. Let’s talk and together, let’s create a future shaped by visionary ideas and groundbreaking ventures.

We believe that by actively participating in your growth journey, we can significantly enhance the chances of success for the startups in which we invest. Moreover, we leverage our extensive network and connections within the industry to open doors for our portfolio companies.