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The core belief at Huberton Fintech is that Indians are natural entrepreneurs. We  recognize this innate strength of our people and hence believe in empowering visionary entrepreneurs and fostering innovation that shapes the future. Not just theirs but that of India and Indians.

Money. Mentoring. Monitoring.

As a leading angel investment firm, our focus is: provide strategic funding and mentorship to promising startups, enabling, guiding and partnering them to transform their groundbreaking ideas into successful ventures finance management Services.

 We have a deep understanding of the challenges that startups often face in their journey, from securing adequate funding, navigating market complexities, and accessing vital industry connections. Our experience across diverse markets gives us a clear edge over the competition.

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At Huberton Fintech, we have a hands-on approach that goes beyond the mere provision of capital. We strategically invest in startups that demonstrate exceptional potential and are in line with India’s rapidly growing economy.

We participate in the growth and development of the companies we support. We don’t believe in being passive investors; we actively engage with our portfolio companies to provide guidance and support. We have an experienced team of professionals across industries that works closely with startup founders, offering valuable insights, industry knowledge, and strategic advice.

We have a team of seasoned mentors on board. This helps us bring an unparalleled wealth of experience from various industries to the table. We provide active mentorship to our portfolio companies at each stage, offering insights, connections, and expertise to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

We facilitate introductions to potential partners, clients, markets and other stakeholders who can contribute to their growth and expansion. This strategic approach helps our startups access valuable resources.

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So, are you an aspiring entrepreneur seeking investment? An investor looking to join a community passionate about innovation? Huberton Fintech welcomes you. Let’s talk and together, let’s create a future shaped by visionary ideas and groundbreaking ventures.

We believe that by actively participating in your growth journey, we can significantly enhance the chances of success for the startups in which we invest. Moreover, we leverage our extensive network and connections within the industry to open doors for our portfolio companies.